Our work


Stoke Orchard Community Centre

We were asked to design a net zero energy use community Centre. Working with Bloor Home. The design team and the Building Technology Centre, we came up with one of the first no residential Passivhaus building in the country.

It has won a brick award, a community award and a Passivhaus award.


View House

We were asked to design an extension to a 1920’s house built of “breeze” blocks. This were crumbling away so that the entire house has to be rebuilt in the shape of a barn with cost of glazing and hight quality joinery.


Berkeley Public Library

The town library was taken over by a community charity. The original building were time expired “porta cables” in need of replacement. We design a timber building to built in stages so that a library could be maintained at all time. It had to have community office, a primary school area and outside story patt. It had to be a zero energy use building. We won 1st prize. We assisted with fund raising.

Other projects

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