New build

We are now offering ready made plan service for our clients in addition to our one off bespoke designs.
We can now offer ready made designs for a number of different building types with minimum alterations to suit different types.
Naturally, the cost for which will be cheaper than bespoke schemes.

How we work

Step 1 Sketch ideas and design options

Developed Design

We will begin by evaluating your requirements, and possible solutions according to the requirements of planning conditions and regulatory restrictions to begin with the design stage. Throughout this process, we will continually review your design brief and evaluate, adapt and refine it to make it a feasible project. 

Step 2 Building Regulations plans

Technical Design and Building Regulations‚Äč

Once your planning application is approved, we will proceed to the technical design stage where we will continue to produce a complete set of bidding and construction drawings with their complete specifications detailing all materials, finishes, fittings and fixtures. At the end of this process we will have the documentation to invite the builders to tender.

We use 3D technology that allows you to explore the project on your device so that you have a real perception of the space and so you can be sure that what you are looking for has been designed, you will see and feel your project.

Step 3 Contract Administration

Administration and Construction Inspection

With the builders’ bid quotes in hand, we will move on to contract administration. We will evaluate all builders, verifying that they have the proper skills, their health and safety history, and that their insurance is up to date. We will make a selection of two or three and hold a meeting with them and with you to review the work to be done. Subsequently we will analyze which one is appropriate to award the contract.

During the construction phase, we will make periodic visits to the site, to continuously monitor and evaluate your construction to ensure that your project is being executed correctly.

We’ll take care of effective health and safety management and coordination, solve construction job challenges, and approve milestone payments for you.

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