DSH Chartered Architects

We believe that architecture should positively improve the lives of people, society and the environment. 

We work closely with you to design beautiful, sustainable buildings that meet your needs and enrich the surrounding locality.

With over 40 years architectural experience we have worked on and designed a wide range of buildings; from private houses to art galleries, community centres to churches. 

We have a reputation for working with listed buildings and providing unique innovative ecological designs.

We are approachable, friendly and local. 

Get in touch for a free consultation, or visit us at our Nailsworth office.

Our Values


Local and Personal

We believe in supporting the local economy and having face to face relationships with all our clients. We have a friendly and personal approach, you can always get us on the phone, or visit our office. We strive to work with the community, using local contractors, suppliers and builders.


Good Quality Design

We believe that buildings should be unique, beautiful and functional. By bringing our experience and knowledge to every aspect of your design, we ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.


Sustainable & Ecological

We believe that buildings should enrich the lives of people and improve the environment.

We have a reputation for designing innovative new ecological buildings, and bring this passion for sustainability into all of our designs. We strive to create energy efficient spaces, using locally sourced, sustainable materials.