Paragraph 79

Wickfield House

We were asked to design a new house for Somerset Moore. We have just submitted a scheme for planning permission, for an under ground house at Cleeve Hill. The scheme is to be judged by PPS7 criteria. That is, it must be an outstanding example of 21st centaury architecture and at the cutting edge of sustainable technology. The scheme is to be examined by CABE (the government’s Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment). The design uses site excavated limestone, some of which will become ‘limecrete’. The house will be self sufficient with a wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, solar panels, ground source heat pump, to generate electricity and heat. There will also be a Tile oven A whole house ventilation system will be used. Rainwater will be collected. Sewage will be treated with reed beds. The building will have over 400mm of insulation all round, and all windows will be triple glazed. A series of balconies with glass balustrades allow full views over the Malvern hills. The house is approached by a glass bridge over the rear light well.




Cleeve Hill